About Dan Wise

For 28 years I covered the legal scene in New York City for the New York Law Journal. I am now freelancing and am regularly posting exclusives on WiseLawNY. Among my scoops: nearly a year before the names became public, I correctly reported five of the six candidates approved by the governor’s screening panel for appointment to the state appeals court in Manhattan; revealed that a prominent lawyer wore a wire to determine if a Bronx judge had broken the law (he hadn’t); reported on a nepotism case that was missed by the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct; broke a story about a group of judges caucusing on appeals shortly before they were argued; and reported on eight names that many believe have applied for a top spot on New York’s highest court.


One response to “About Dan Wise

  1. Excellent reporting on “Did Bank Complaints Result in Transfer of Foreclosure Referee?”
    Karen Winner, Esq.
    author, Divorced From Justice (HarperCollins 1996)

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